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This 1990 Yamaha Banshee, owned by eriksjshark, has an estimated 92 horsepower. Check out some of the pictures and ratings for this Yamaha ATV below, as well as other info about this ride

1990 Yamaha Banshee - eriksjshark


1990 Yamaha Banshee 1
Owner:   eriksjshark
Year: 1990
Make: Yamaha
Model: Banshee
Est.Horsepower: 92
Page Views: 13797
Comments: 7 Comments
Ratings: 1 votes  

About my Banshee

Everything on this machine is rebuilt or brand new. The motor is complements of Trinity racing with a  421 cc Motor witch dyno at  92 hp of BADASS  power. It has a stage 4 carburetor system, high performance reeds and Stage 4 race exhaust and fuel mapping. Duel k&n filters help keep this mean machine breathing. Im the original owner and I was thinking of the troops who help protect our country when I designed my Banshee. Every part has been striped and chromed. The custom paint job was done by my self. It has a 5 inch chrome Lengthened  swingarm and 5 inch axle. It has Works shocks front and back. If you ever want to see it in action Im always at Pismo Beach ripping threw the dunes. GOD BLESS THE TROOPS.........

Comments On eriksjshark's Banshee

Storm250 | New User
Posts: 6 | Joined 01/24/11
Posted: 01/25/11 10:36 AM

DAMN!! Thats *** nice. You pimped that out great
hannah1 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 01/17/11
Posted: 01/17/11 05:54 AM

Nice Pics of 1990 Yamaha Banshee. I like it's stage 4 carburetor system and Stage 4 race exhaust and fuel mapping.Youth ATV
Fastazz5.4 | New User
Posts: 6 | Joined 09/13/10
Posted: 09/14/10 07:43 PM

very nice, check mine out tell me what you think!
bansheemart | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 02/19/10
Posted: 02/19/10 07:41 AM

hi my friend!!! can i no what timing you have???
me i have 421 big bore with 21 cc dome and i put +6 timing!!!
thanks for info and where did you got that patriot graphik kit!!!
thanks a lot look hot your banshee!!!i am new here gonna try to make my banshee bio!!!
350NEWBY | New User
Posts: 20 | Joined 09/06/08
Posted: 08/18/09 03:26 PM

eriksjshark | New User
Posts: 2 | Joined 12/12/08
Posted: 01/09/09 06:43 PM

ATVR-Eli | Moderator
Posts: 34 | Joined 03/31/08
Posted: 12/15/08 04:38 PM

for being almost 20 years old, thats one nice Banshee!!

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2006 Yamaha Banshee
2006 Yamaha Banshee
- Fastazz5.4
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